5 Famous Artifacts

1. Thor’s Hammer

With the discovery of a inscribed hammer shaped amulet by a band of Swedish scientists, one of the Viking’s greatest mysteries were solved. Throughout a large of Viking dig sites throughout all of Scandinavia many hammer shaped amulets were found, but no one was sure of their intent. When a hammer amulet inscribed with “This is a Hammer” was found the mystery was solved.

2. Nebra Disk

The Nebra disk is a 3,600 year old bronze disk discovered in Germany. This disk was used by the ancient Germans to indicate the position of the summer and winter solstice. This disk was originally thought to have been a joke as it was built in such an intricate and well done way. It was also one of the first “portable” instruments for measuring the stars.

3.Rosetta Stone

The Rosetta Stone was discovered by a French officer in 1799. This stone was so significant because it provided a means of translating ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. Until that point, much of Egyptian literature and wall carvings were unreadable. This stone translates Egyptian words into Greek and Demotic.

4. Imperial Treasure

These 23,000 priceless artifacts were taken by the British in the 19th century. They were looted from Beijing. These artifacts represent some of the best preserved and most intricate artifacts that remain from China’s imperial dynasty.

5. Ishtar Gate

This gate was built by King Nebuchadnezzar 575 BC. This gate was intricately built and was beautiful to behold. The blue glaze,paired with the gold inlay, create a strikingly amazing image of Babylonian gods and goddesses and alludes to the great power Babylon held at the time. This gate was a symbol of Babylon’s wealth and culture superiority at that time.


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