Potential Digsites

There are many different dig sites to be looked at throughout all of the ancient Roman world. The ancient Roman World encompasses the majority of modern day United Kingdom, Europe (excluding Germany and many Slavic states), Greece, Macedonia, North Africa, and areas a long the East coast of the Middle East. A lot of sites in this area have already been excavated but new things are being continually found as every year passes. Some of the more well known sites, such as Pompeii, still have plenty to be done. It would be really cool to be apart if that excavation team! Other cool dig sites can be found in Rome, Jerusalem, a long Hadrian’s wall, and in many other places. Some of the more interesting ones have been found in the middle east. These ruins are relatively “newer” and the sand and dry heat of the desert did a very good job of preserving artifacts. With this post I included a photo of the current dig site at Pompeii.


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