Why Classical Archaeology?

When I become an archaeologist, I want to focus on the excavating, restoring, and protecting artifacts from the Classical World. The Classical World consists of the ancient Greek city-states and Ancient Rome. These dig sites are mainly concentrated along the Mediterranean coast. Of the two ancient civilizations, I wish to focus primarily on Ancient Rome. Ancient Rome is a huge passion of mine. This love for Rome didn’t develop until I was well into my teenage years. This love stems from the influence that Rome has had on modern day life and from the many incredible things that Rome developed. From the development of a complex system of government to huge military reforms, Rome truly was an innovator and a world power. Due to the extent of the Roman Empire, I could find myself digging at sites in the Middle East, North Africa, Italy, France, Briton, and Germany, just to name a few.  The picture below features an ongoing dig site in the United Kingdom.


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