Why an Archaeologist?

My passion for the ancient world began at a young age.I was always fascinated by the ancient world. I was always asking my parents How did this get here? What did it do? Why was it made? Who built it? What happened to its owners? I drove my parents insane! This curiosity for the ancient world began predominately in the time period before humans. I wanted to be a paleontologist for the first 10 years of my life. Dinosaurs were simply way to cool. My mom would bring me to a lot of Natural History museums to see all the fossilized remains and around the state to check out any special exhibits. My passions didn’t turn to the ancient world until I was 14. Around that age, I began to become fascinated by ancient Roman, Greek, Egyptian, and Viking mythology. This newfound respect for the ancient world grew quickly to become a major expenditure of my time.


First Post!!!!!

Hello Classmates, Professor, and Random Strangers!

This blog is being created in order to inform you all of my wishes to become an Archaeologist. This blog will highlight some of the necessary steps to do so, as well as give information on the area of time in which I would like to study. I will also writing about why my dreams of becoming an Archaeologist will never come true. Expect more posts in the future!